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Living Temple Events – Jan 15, 2015

Thurs 15th Jan 6:30-9:00pm ~ Robin Jones ~ Using Essential Oils for Natural Health and Healing !

Thurs 22nd Jan 7:00-8:00pm ~ Dr. Bergman Depression, Bipolar Disorder & the Power to Control Your Mind & Perception !

Sat 24th Jan 6:30-9:00pm ~ Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren Colon Cancer & IBS Epidemic: A Revolutionary Approach !

Sun 25th Jan 5:30-8:00pm ~ Robin Jones ~ Using Essential Oils for Natural Health and Healing !

Thurs 29th Jan 6:30-9:00pm ~ Dr. Luba ~ Diabetes: Non Invasive Testing & Natural Solutions


Please come and join us for this special event with the Owner & Founder of The Living Temple Robin Jones as he shares his Experience of over 18 Years of Health Research and for more details on the oils please go to  

Please join us for this Exciting & Interactive Evening with the Owner and Founder of The Living Temple Robin Jones as he Shares over 18 Years of Health Research with a Focus on Using really High Quality Essential Oils.Learn about the Vibrational Frequencies of Essential Oils and the Profound Effects that Positive Negative Energy and Frequencies can have on your Health ! Learn how to use Essential Oils to Support the Immune System, Help

with Digestive Disorders, for Mood Elevation and Stress Reduction, to Relieve Headaches and Muscle & Joint
, for Soothing & Healing Skin Conditions, for Cleansing & Detoxification, for Weight Loss, for Relief of Respiratory Problems, plus a whole lot more ! Learn about the Huge Difference between the Different Grades of Essential Oils and why that is So Important ! All attendees will get to Smell & Try the Oils and Receive a Valuable Free Information Pack !

This special event is Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.

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Thurs 22ND Jan 7:00 – 8:00PM ~ Dr. Bergman Depression, Bipolar Disorder & the Power to Control Your Mind & Perception

Please come & join us for this special event with Renowned Speaker & Health Researcher Dr. John Bergman and for more details on his work please go to   

During this Empowering event with Renowned Health Practitioner, Researcher & Speaker Dr. John Bergman you
what Causes Depression & Bipolar Disorder, Natural Solutions and the Power to Control Your MindPerception ! Dr. Bergman has produced over 400 video’s on Disease Reversal & Health Restoration & specializes in Awakening the Doctor Within by Releasing your Body’s True Potential for Healing. A former instructor inHuman Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics at CCCLA he has an Extensive Knowledge of the body that few can match and at this event you will learn truly Effective Tools to take Charge of your Own Health.

This special event is Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.


SAT 24TH JAN 6:30 – 9:00PM  ~ Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren ~ Colon Cancer & IBS Epidemic: A Revolutionary Approach !

Please come & join us with World Renowned Health Researcher Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren and for more details on his work please go to and 

During this Empowering and Educational evening with World Renowned Health Researcher and Practitioner Dr. Adiel Tel-Oren you will Learn about a Revolutionary Approach to the Colon Cancer & Inflammatory Bowel Epidemic. Discover the Real Cause for Colon Cancer that is Rarely ever Discussed, Why Colonoscopy is Not the Solution but Part of
 Diagnosing Colorectal Cancer Much Earlier & More Accurately, why the Intestines get Inflamed, Natural Solutions to Reversing these Conditions & much more ! Dr. T will also be available at The Living
 for a limited number of Private Sessions with his Exclusive Skin Lesion Treatments on Sunday 25th January from 10am to 1pm. Please call 714-891-5117 to book a session or for more information as these sessions will Sell Out !

This special event is just $10 if prepaid or $15 at the door & we ask that you please RSVP as we expect this event to SELL OUT !


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