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Living Temple Events, Mar 19, 2015

Tues 24th Mar 6:30-9:00pm Paul Weisbart Relax the Adrenals & Reverse Disease with Scalar Wave Lasers

Wed 25th March 6:30-9:00pm ~ Robin Jones ~ Using Essential Oils for Natural Health and Healing !

Thursday 26th March 7:00-8:00pm Dr. Bergman Healthy Sex!Learn the Secrets of How Your Partner’s Body Works !

Fri 27th Mar 6:00-8:00pm ~ Happy Hour ~ OC Holistic Chamber of Commerce @ The Living

March 27th -29th 2015 ~ California Jam ~ The Truth Tour ! Held at the Segerstrom Center For The Arts

Sunday 29th March 5:30-8:00pm ~ Nick Edwards ~ The Power of Pyramids for Modern Living

Thurs 2nd April 6:30-9:00pm ~ Dr. Shawn Miller ~ How to Become Young Healthy in One Easy Lesson

TUES 24TH MAR 6:30 – 9:00PM  Paul & Lillie Weisbart Relax The Adrenals and Reverse Disease with Scalar Wave Lasers

Please come & join us for this special event presented by Renowned Health Researchers & Speakers Paul & Lillie Weisbart and for more details on their work please go to  

During this Exciting and Experiential evening you will learn how to Relax the Adrenals & Reverse Disease with Special Scalar WaveLasers. All attendees will get to Experience the Many Healing Benefits of the Laser’s. During the Talk you will get to Learn how the Laser’s can Increase Oxygen in your Cells, Stimulate ATP Production, Relax and Unwind the Adrenals, Donate Energy for Pain ReliefCirculation & Relaxation of Tissue as well as Changing Cellular Memory which can Reverse even Long Term Health Issues !  

This special event is Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.


WED 25TH MARCH 6:30 – 9:00PM ~ Robin Jones ~ USING ESSENTIAL OILS

Please come and join us for this special event with the Owner & Founder of The Living
Temple Robin Jones as he shares his Experience of over 18 Years of Health Research and for more details on the oils please go


Please join us for this Exciting & Interactive Evening with the Owner and Founder of The Living
 Robin Jones as he Shares over 18 Years of Health Research with a Focus on Using really High Quality Essential Oils. Learn about the Vibrational Frequencies of Essential Oils and the Profound Effects that Positive Negative Energy and Frequencies can have on your Health ! Learn how to use Essential Oils to Support the Immune System, Help with Digestive Disorders, for Mood Elevation and Stress Reduction, to  Relieve Headaches and Muscle & Joint Pain, for Soothing & Healing Skin Conditions, for Cleansing & Detoxification, for Weight Loss, for Relief ofRespiratory Problems, plus a whole lot more ! Learn about the Huge Difference between the Different Grades of Essential Oils and why that is So Important ! All attendees will get to Smell & Try the Oils and Receive
ValuableFree Information Pack !

This special event is Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.

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THURS 26th MAR 7:00 – 8:00PM ~ Dr. Bergman HEALTHY SEX: Learn the Secrets of How Your Partner’s Body Works !

Please come & join us for this special event with Renowned Speaker & Health
Dr. John Bergman and for more details on his work please go to   

During this Empowering event with Renowned Health Practitioner, Researcher &
Dr. John Bergman you will Learn about Healthy Sex and Discover the Secrets of How Your Partner’s Body Works ! Dr. Bergman has produced over 400 video’s on Disease Reversal & Health Restoration & specializes in Awakening the Doctor Within by Releasing your Body’s True Potential for Healing. A former instructor in Human Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics at CCCLA he has an Extensive Knowledge of the body that few can match and at this event you will learn truly Effective Tools to take Charge of your Own Health.

This special event is Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.


FRI 27th MAR 6:00 – 8:00PM Happy Hour ORANGE COUNTY HOLISTIC
CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Special Event      

Please come & join us for this special event Hosted by The Living Temple and for more details on this event please go to and

Please join us for this Special Event with the Orange County Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce and Meet and Connect with your Local Holistic Community as well as Sample
 and Healthy Foods. During this event you will have a Great Opportunity to Meet New People, Promote your Business or Service and Connect with other Like Minded
 and Companies. We will have some Great Foods & Beverages for you to Sample including: Curry Chick’n Vegan Sandwiches from VegiliciousGourmet Vege Burgers from GrinderzVegan Chicken Curry from MitasieOrganic Coffee from The Coffee
Butter Streusel Cake from the Old WorldGerman Bakery & Restaurant, Organic Raw Cookies from Dark Mountain Delectables and The Living Temple will be sampling Goji Berries, Wild Jungle Peanuts, Organic Mulberries, Goldenberries, Raw Almonds, Raw Cashews and more !

This special event is Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.



This Special event is being held at the Segerstrom Center For The Arts, 600 Town Center Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 and for more details please go to

This is a Great Opportunity to see many World Renowned Natural Health Speakers with a Major Focus on all the Benefits of Chiropractic Care, the Real Truth about Vaccines and the Pharmaceutical Industry as well as Learning about all the Latest  Issues in Health Freedom ! There is also an Amazing Live Band that Keeps you Entertained in Between all the Empowering and Educational Speakers. For more Details on the Speakers, Schedule, Directions, Ticket Prices etc please go to


SUNDAY 29th MARCH 5:30 – 8:00PM ~ Nick Edwards ~THE POWER OF

Please come & join us for this special event with Renowned Author, Inventor & Artist Nick Edwards and for more details on his work please go to     

During this Empowering event with Renowned Inventor, Author & Artist,Nick Edwards you
about the Vibrational Properties of Pyramids and how you can Incorporate them into a Modern LifestyleNick and his Pyramid Creations have been seen on Major TV Talk
, TV Specials and Major Motion Pictures and are the #1 Choice of Hollywood Stars, Entertainers, Professional Athletes and Healing CentersNick will also be Signing copies of his Recently Published & Long Awaited Book Power of Pyramids as well as talking about his Latest Invention the Arkatron and Demonstrating his One Million Volt Pyramid Tesla Coil Charger!

This special event is Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.


THURS 2ND APR 6:30 – 9:00PM ~ Dr. Shawn Miller HOW TO BECOME YOUNG

Please come & join us for this special event with World Renowned Speaker, Author &
Health Practitioner 
Dr. Shawn Miller and for more details on his work please go to

Please join World Renowned Health Practitioner, Author & SpeakerDr. Shawn Miller for an Amazing Evening of Abundant Information and Useful Tools to  Create Balance and Harmony in your Life Utilizing the Laws of Natureas your Teacher and
Dr. Shawn
 will be Explaining the FUNdamentals of Nutrition, How to Reverse the Aging Process, What we are Meant to Eat Based on Understanding Natural Law and the Human
, as well as Understanding Metaphysical and Spiritual Truths and Insights that will
Assist In Guiding you 
on your Path towards a Greater Expression of Life’s

This event is $20 if prepaid or $25 at the door or $30 for a couple if prepaid or $35 at the door – Please RSVP for event.


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