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Living Temple Events – Aug 05, 2014

Tues 5th Aug 6:30-9:00pm Paul Weisbart Relax the Adrenals & Reverse Disease with Scalar Wave Lasers

August 8th – 10th 2014 – Contact In The Desert ~ Special Event at Joshua Tree Retreat Center   

Thursday 14th August 7:00-8:00pm Dr. Bergman Adrenal Fatigue & The Thyroid Connection

3D FULL BODY SCANS – Every Wednesday with Dr. Luba from 11:00am to 4:00pm – Allow 45-60 Minutes for the Scan and Comprehensive Evaluation afterwards – Your Cost is only $250 and Please call for Appointment Availability. For more Details on the Scans and Dr. Luba please visit

SCALAR WAVE COLD LASER SESSIONS – Every Thursday from 11:00am to 4:00pm – First 30 Minute Session FREE and Package Prices for full 45 Minute Sessions are from $50 to $75 per session – Please call for Appointment Availability and for More Details on the Lasers please visit We will not be having the Scalar Wave Laser Sessions on Thursday 7th August but will have them Available again on Thursday 14th August ! 

TUES 5TH AUGUST 6:30 – 9:00PM  Paul & Lillie Weisbart Relax The Adrenals and Reverse Disease with Scalar Wave Lasers       

Please come & join us for this special event with Renowned Health Researchers & Speakers Paul & Lillie Weisbart and for more details on their work please go to

During this Exciting and Experiential evening you will learn how to Relax the Adrenals & Reverse Disease with Special Scalar Wave Lasers. All attendees will get to Experience the Many Healing Benefits of the Laser’s. During the Talk you will get to Learn how the Laser’s can Increase Oxygen in your Cells, Stimulate ATP Production, Relax and Unwind the Adrenals, Donate Energy for Pain ReliefCirculation & Relaxation of Tissue as well as Changing Cellular Memory which can Reverse even Long Term Health Issues !  

This special event is Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.


AUGUST 8TH -10TH 2014  ~ Contact In The Desert ~ This Event Is Being Held at the JOSHUA TREE RETREAT CENTER  

We hope you can join The Living Temple for a Truly Amazing weekend and for more details on the Event, Directions, Ticket Prices etc please go to   

Come and Join us for an Exciting and Eye Opening Weekend of Exploration into Ancient AliensHuman OriginsUFO Sightings, Interplanetary Travel and The Need to Know ! There will be some great Workshops & Panel Discussions and Presentations by some of the Top Speakers in the World including: Steven GreerGeorge NooryGiorgio TsoukalosErich Von DanikenDavid WilcockJohn Anthony WestJim MarrsJason Martell, Michael Tellinger, Colin Andrews and many more. For more Details and to Book Tickets please go to



Please come & join us for this special event with Renowned Speaker & Health Researcher Dr. John Bergman and for more details on his work please go to

During this Empowering event with Renowned Health Practitioner, Researcher & Speaker Dr. John Bergman you will Learn about Adrenal Fatigue & The Thyroid Connection, the Causes as well as all Natural Solutions Dr. Bergman has produced over 400 video’s on Disease Reversal & Health Restoration & specializes in Awakening the Doctor Within by Releasing your Body’s True Potential for Healing. A former instructor in Human Anatomy, Physiology & Biomechanics at CCCLA he has an Extensive Knowledge of the body that few can match and at this event you will learn truly Effective Tools to take Charge of your Own Health.

This special event is Free to attend but we do ask that you please RSVP as spaces are limited.


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